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Religion by Troy Meyers

Posted by ghudson on June 11th, 2006

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Before I came to Russia I did not think that they were too religious of a people, and I continued to believe that even after we attended our first Russian Orthodox service. It was not until after talking to Father Boris did my thoughts change on the people of Russia’s religious mindset. He told us that the Russian people as a whole were wanting to become more religious mostly due to the fact that it had been looked down upon during the Soviet peroid. During the service I watched the people there, and it looked as though they were getting into the service and paying attention to what the priests were doing and what was being said by them. Father Boris was one of the nicest men that I have met here in Russia, and he has opened my eyes to the fact that Russia is a religious country and according to Father Boris it will continue to become even more religious.
Troy Meyers

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