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Red Square by Karl Fazli

Posted by ghudson on June 11th, 2006

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Seeing Red Sqare was very interesting and the cultural geography of the area reveals a lot about the current state and future of Moscow and Russia. The strength of the economy is revealed in the stores, people, and construction.

A contrast between the past and the future is also present since the communist history can be readily seen but the wealth and growing economy are also apparent. The mostly positive attitudes of the local people and the growth that can be seen from Red Square reveals that the future of Moscow and Russia is a bright and expanding one. The beauty, growth, and contrast of places like Red Square show that Moscow is constantly changing and evolving.

The architecture and geography of Moscow displays the city’s interesting past, present, and future. Red Square is in many ways more interesting and beautiful than places such as Time Square, and the cultural of geography of Moscow is extremely compelling and vast.

by Karl Fazli

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