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The Moscow Times by Ryan Deutschendorf

Posted by rrafferty on June 21st, 2006

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The Moscow Times is a newspaper published in Moscow that is written in English. Unlike other newspapers in Russia The Moscow Times is not controlled by the government. I admire the ability of this newspaper to remain independent while many other newspapers have succumbed to government control. The reporters and journalists that write for this paper come from a variety of nations. This is a good approach because having writers from a variety of countries enables the writers to present different perspectives because of their different backgrounds. The goal of this paper is to present information that looks at the issues from different viewpoints while trying to remain fairly neutral. The paper has a circulation of roughly 500,000 readers and is financed by the money it receives from advertisements. The editorialists are allowed some freedom when choosing topics for their articles. They are allowed to write about topics that they may have a particular amount of knowledge about, or something that may be of interest to them. I think this is also a good practice because articles written on a subject of personal interest usually generate more dynamic articles.

2 Responses to “The Moscow Times by Ryan Deutschendorf”

  1. abby freeman Says:

    omg i hope you all are having so much fun! i wish i could be there with all of you! its so funny to look at the pictures, i feel like im back in class!! give all my regards!

  2. Sarah Barnette Says:

    You were so lucky to be able to go to their office! That’s great! When I went in 2003 the Moscow Times was a lifesaver to me! That’s how I found out we wouldn’t have hot water during the last week of our stay in Moscow!

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